Weed / Moss Control

De-thatching and/or aeration do not eliminate weeds or moss. To prevent them from invading it is essential to apply an herbicide and/or moss control treatment. 

Weed Control

- Weeding By Hand/Using Hand Tools (about $45 per hr)

- Weed Killer (herbicide) $35 per 1,000 sq ft

-It is much easier to keep flower beds weeded on a routine schedule rather than just every once in a while, as more weeds mean more weed seeds where you don't want them. Herbicides are available in both pre-emergent (before weeds sprout) and post-emergent solutions, but weeding by hand or using hand-tools is often preferable as herbicides leave the dead, discolored weeds in place until they decompose and the use of hazardous chemicals in the environment has negative effects on other biology.

-Pre-emergent herbicide should not be used on lawns until after dethatching/aerating. If re-seeding, it should be applied after mowing the new grass the 2nd time.

-Post-emergent herbicide is a broad leaf weed killer, which selectively kills dandelions, clover, and other invading weeds while not affecting grass and is typically applied at least 4 weeks prior to re-seeding or after mowing the newly seeded area the 2nd time.

Moss Control - $35 per 1,000 sq ft

Free pH Test Performed When Moss Control Is Requested - We use a soil pH test in multiple areas of your lawn to determine if lime is needed to help control/prevent moss. Lime is highly recommended to adjust the pH to help prevent moss.

-Moss thrives in damp, shady areas with compact soil, and prefers acidic conditions.

-Iron based product in pellet form or solution, kills moss without harming grass. The solution shows results immediately, as it is quickly absorbed, the moss turns black. The pellet form needs to be watered in to dissolve.

-Best performed in early spring when weather is still cold before spores are released. Repeat application may be needed if applied later in the year, for spores that survived.