De-Thatching - $40 per 1,000 sq ft 

-Necessary if you have been under-watering, over-fertilizing, or consistently mowing when the grass is overgrown. Also, needed to recover dead spots, areas with high traffic use, or to replace weed or moss invasions with healthy lawn. Grass clippings do not cause thatch; they are actually beneficial to the lawn, providing nutrients, shade, and improves water-retention.

-Over time grass roots and stems become over-crowded, which blocks the lawn's access to water and nutrients.

-De-thatching thins out the root system and breaks up compacted soil, allowing the remaining grass and new seed to establish healthy, deep roots to gain better access to water and nutrients.

-Recommended in the spring or fall, every 1-3 years or when thatch is over 1/2" thick. Dethatching services are only performed from March-May and from September-October. Basic de-thatching service does not include raking.

Thatch Clean-Up - $25 per 1,000 sq ft

-All debris must be removed to allow seed to contact exposed soil for germination.

-Thatch/moss raked and placed in your yard-waste bin (if available) prior to using paper yard waste bags.

-Rake and bag option does not include haul away. See the "Debris Removal" tab for debris disposal costs. Most cities allow additional yard waste each week, if placed in paper yard bags on the curb.

In-ground sprinklers must be marked to avoid damage. 

Some fees may apply:

Lift Fee (if lifting the machines is required to access the lawn) - $10

Not Ready for Scheduled Service Fee (locked gate/clearing of excessive obstructions) - $10

Not Ready for Scheduled Service Fee (mandatory mow if grass is longer than 4 inches when de-thatching is ordered) - $25 per 1000 sq ft

Clean-up of excessive pet feces - $20