Lawn Mowing

Mow, Edge/Trim, Blow - (about $65 per hr)

-Basic lawn service includes mowing, edging/trimming (as needed), and debris clean-up.

-Price quotes are based on how long services should take to complete during each visit. Select the schedule to best fit your budget. In general, the price slightly increases with time between visits due to more growth.

-Inform us if you want grass clippings mulched or bagged. Grass clippings do not cause thatch; they are actually beneficial to the lawn, providing nutrients, shade, and improves

water-retention. Disposal of clippings is not included unless specified, see the "Debris Removal" tab for disposal costs.

-Mowing is recommended from the beginning of March to the end of October (or mid-Feb through mid-Oct). Start every 7 days while grass is growing quickly in spring, then every 10-14 days when growth slows during summer, returning to every 7 days in fall. Only cut 1/3 of the blade length at a time to a height of 2.5" (cut when 4"). Last mow of the year set deck to the lowest setting. Find other DIY lawn care tips here.

Some customers add on Hedge/Bush Trimming & Pruning service and Weeding service for a complete yard maintenance program.