Core Aeration - Single-Pass, $45 per 1,000 sq ft

   - Double-Pass, $60 per 1,000 sq ft

-Soil becomes compacted by heavy use and the natural seasonal cycle. Healthy soil is "springy," compacted soil is not. Signs of compaction are: bare spots or areas of little/no growth, poor drainage. If the tines of a garden fork penetrate less than 2", the soil is compacted.

-Aeration relieves soil compaction, allowing roots to grow deeper, and ensures that air, water, and nutrients are accessible.

-Aeration also allows better topsoil or sand to be incorporated into the soil to amend its components when used in conjunction with top dressing. It is unnecessary to rake up the plugs, as they are mostly soil and will break down after mowing a couple times.

-Aeration is most effective with 9-12 plugs per square foot (which can only be achieved with two passes). A double-pass ensures the optimum number of plugs per sq ft, and is highly recommended.

-Recommended 1-4 times per year, best performed in early spring, late spring, early fall and late fall.

In-ground sprinklers must be marked to avoid damage. 

Some fees may apply:

Lift Fee (if lifting the machines is required to access the lawn) - $10

Not Ready for Scheduled Service Fee (locked gate/clearing of excessive obstructions) - $10