Roof Cleaning

Roof Cleaning

(price depends on amount of cleaning required and level of difficulty to access)

- Blow Debris Off Roof ($175 - $250)

- Low-Power Pressure Wash With Application Of Sodium Hypochlorite: Kills All Organic Matter ($450 - $650)

- High-Power Pressure Wash: Recommended For Metal Roof Only ($450 - $650)

- Remove Moss Growth With Scraper/Hard Bristled Brush ($750 - $900)

- Moss Prevention Powder Application ($45 per 1000 sq ft)

-Moss, lichen, and grime build-up on the surface of the roof, and can cause water to pool, leading to leaks, and promotes more rapid deterioration of building materials.

-Keeping the roof clean not only maintains the beauty of the building, it also makes the roofing material last longer.