Top Dressing

Top Dressing

- Compost - $18 per 100 sq ft, 1/2" deep

- Compost/Sand - $20 per 100 sq ft, 1/2" deep

- Top Soil/Compost - $16 per 100 sq ft, 1/2" deep

- Top Soil/Sand - $19 per 100 sq ft, 1/2" deep

- Sand - $26 per 100 sq ft, 1/2" deep

- Peat Moss - $15 per 100 sq ft

-Generally, if de-thatching is performed aggressively enough, seed should have adequate contact with soil to germinate. However, if your lawn was established on inadequate soil to begin with, it may need to be amended with compost, sand, or top soil.

-Compost is a nutrient-rich soil amendment preferable to top soil. Sand is used to increase the ability of the soil to absorb water when there is high soil compaction or excessive rain run-off. Peat moss is also sometimes used to protect seed from temperature extremes in the late spring or late fall.

-It is recommended to spread 1/2"-1" over the lawn after aeration, so the soil amendment can get down into the soil. If sod is to be laid, 2"-3" of top soil should be spread as a base layer.